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Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy LLP, (known as Fragomen) is an International immigration firm with headquarters in New York, established in 1951.

A disappointed client comments, "Very slow, unprofessional, don't care about their clients. My employer used Fragomen for my visa, they started the process three weeks later by sending a first email, and then stopped responding to my emails, then my recruiter's emails, then all the emails from people at my employer. In the single email they sent me since the process started they suggested I book an embassy appointment not less than three weeks (which adds up to 6 weeks from starting the process and a couple of weeks before my first day) which doesn't make any sense. They also offered to talk to me on the phone 4 weeks from now. At the moment I am waiting for them to reply to emails so that we have a clue why we need 6 weeks to start the visa process while their portal is showing that all paperwork for the application is pending some signatures."


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Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"There is a lot of inner politics and lack of trust and road to advancement is about who likes you rather than your skills. They do not like to play overtime, but they want you to finish a lot of caseload. They have good seminars but they expect you to attend that in your lunch hour!"

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"Competitive work environment, lack of clear company direction and management. Unsupportive work environment. Poor work culture and limited experienced supervision."

Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"This office is by far the worst place on earth to work.From openly prejudiced management to straight up incompetent attorneys and for this hills Cons: Literally everything"

Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"You'll get by in trying to convince yourself that the work is fulfilling because you're assisting foreign workers emigrate to the U.S. with a work visa, but it's worth saving yourself instead. You are likely reading this because you are interested in a temp-to-perm “Assistant Paralegal” position. The problem is, you will be paid $14/ hr. for that position. “Assistant Paralegal” not only is a terribly underpaid position in and of itself because it requires a bachelor’s degree, but you will be asked to complete tasks that you have little to no training in, work ridiculous hours, all while being under constant scrutiny from a management team who — as a result of their own poor training and other factors — have put you a difficult position to begin with. Moreover, the work that you will be asked to complete is almost the exact same work full-time permanent Paralegals are required to complete — yet you are getting paid far less than they are — all while being asked to complete laborious office tasks that you are assigned because they view you as less."

Legal Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked about 60 hours a week including weekends. Underappreciated. Always mentally burned out for overworking. Still looked down upon by management for "not doing enough " and no being fast enough. Most people arrive at around 8am-9am and leave at around 7pm. Breaks and lunch time put you behind so most people eat at their desks. Very outdated office. Stuck in 90's . Fragomen does not use technology sufficently enough."

Finance (Former Employee) says

"I put the term business in quotation marks as Fragomen is not run as a business. You have people in management positions who know nothing about business or their own departments. It's the only place I've worked where a consultant was hired who knew nothing about the department he was consulting for. As a result, decisions are made that are baffling, solutions to process gaps are knowingly overlooked, and you are told where you're going wrong by someone less qualified than you. Cons: Long hours, no career progression, blame culture, complete lack of empathy from management"

Temp (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place. Cut throat--worked with 'mean girls'... they worked hard--but thought they were the end all of any organization. that is their first mistake. Cons: mean girls"

Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"Partners do not care that people are not happy and expect high turnover and do nothing to stop it. You get recognition if you work for certain Partners. It is not the Partners' fault if you do not get recognition. Some Partners are favourites and some are not."

Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I was unhappy with the treatment and unprofessional environment that led me to leave Fragomen. There was no management and no team work! I felt ignored and out of place. I would not recommend to work there."

Paralegal/Legal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Job was great until new management came along in early 2017. The focus of the legal work became more about profit than about the client. Firm was not able to keep up with client demands and blames low level associates."

Assistant Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"Not professional I know, but neither is this place so... Cons: Everything else ( hours, work environment, co-workers, overtime"

Senior Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"The firm is managed by greedy partners who benefit from qualified non-legal staff who are forced to work under constant pressure. Legal staff only interested in bonus and move onto partnership. The firm has lost appeal and loyalty. All the non-equity partners are just waiting for the senior partner to collapse.. The internal greed dominates the ownership and management of the firm. The non-legal staff work on majority of cases and function under very stressful environment with no direction from associates and partners. Billing, billing, billing... That's all that matters to firm management. About time the DA's office got involved..... Cons: long hours, constant billing expectations, poor raises"

Senior Immigration Paralegal (Former Employee) says

"When I first began working for the firm, I had an office and plenty of support. Over the years, the firm has gone so "lean" that there were never enough people to do the high-volume work, so I worked a lot of overtime for too long. I did not feel the environment in the Phoenix office was healthy; too much playing favorites and hiring inexperienced and inept people, not offering good training, and then scapegoating those who did not fare well because they did not receive proper training. Turn-over was high and I trained several people to help with my caseload, but they were soon moved to other areas, then quit because they were mistreated. The high-turnover was demoralizing. Management decided very small cubicles are more "lean," than offices, but for those of us who had large-volume cases, there was no room to store files, so many of my files were stacked under my desk and crammed into cabinets that were too small and the chairs and small space was very uncomfortable. Working under cramped conditions created body aches and additional mental stress. My workload was exhausting. Moreover, there is a group of people who have been with the firm for years who have been promoted to managerial positions who do not have the skills or tact to manage people. I witnessed staff and managers speaking rudely and disrespectfully to my colleagues and even set people up for failure then campaign to fire them unjustly. The mind games and the horrible management on top of too much work and not enough help or effective communication burned me out. I was in a state of constant stress for far too Cons: Too many to list here"

Immigration Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I have never been let down more in my life by a workplace than fragomen in Sheffield. I worked as a coordinator for 6 months and although the work wasn’t entirely what I was interested in I felt like this was a good company to work for and they treated their employees with gratitude and respect but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Cons: Unsupportive, poorly paid, misleading, unfair, uncaring, unprofessional"

Assistant Paralegal II (Former Employee) says

"This review is for the San Diego office. The expectations of an assistant paralegal at the San Diego office are ridiculous and that's not even talking about the pay. For being a global prestigious immigration firm they pay you peanuts and expect perfection in every single petition/case that you handle. Additionally, the Partner will expect for a new assistant paralegal to have anywhere from 50 to 70 cases. Email communication with clients is expected to be delivered within 24 hours and you're not under ANY circumstances to voice your concern or show your unhappiness for having the misfortune to have ended up working in a college graduate sweat shop, because the attorneys will turn it and say that you're the problem. Not smart enough, not good enough to do work that even a monkey could do. Fragomen LOVES hiring new college graduates to pay them the minimum and exploit them beyond comprehension by having them work "voluntary" over time. The attorneys treat you like machines instead of human beings, but what's to be expected when the associates are being exploited as well..given ridiculous amounts of work and programs to manage is simply unrealistic when they are drafting petitions and putting out fires themselves. To save money and fatten the pockets of the partners they hire minimal staff and expect rookies with no immigration experience to put out great volume. The most enjoyable part of the job was giving my two weeks notice. Cons: Bad pay, non existent work life balance, catty attorneys..."

Assistant Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"3 different teams at the Boston office. Biggest team is the worse including the Partners/managers of that team. Client is too demanding, and managers say how high when they say jump and disregard their employees when there is too much work. No work life balance. Underappreciated."

Paralegal Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible bosses; management does not care about employees. Almost everyone does the same work, but is paid differently. If they like you, you will do well, but if not then you are better off leaving. They will overwhelm you with work beyond belief."

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Very stressful work environment where managers treat employees like robots. It's like high school all over again. Typically you can get a promotion but not a raise in salary. Cons: Overworked with poor management"

Assistant Paralegal I (Current Employee) says

"Management doesn't care about the health of its employees. You will be overworked and underpaid until you drop dead, for all the partners' care. Get ready to work long hours and be constantly yelled at by clients who are entitled and extremely demanding. Thankless job with no sense of fulfillment!! Cons: 22 days of PTO, long hours, constant stress"

ASSISTANT Paralegal (Current Employee) says

"Besides the company completely abusing temps and exploiting them for months for very cheap labor, this job was so unbelievably boring and mundane that It made my life miserable for a few months. Unless you literally want to be a corporate immigration attorney (which I dont know why you would---many of the attorneys have told me they regretted their decision) dont work here!!"

Former Employee - Business Immigration Paralegal says

"I worked at Fragomen full-time Cons: Very little pay, horrible managment workload is impossible . People are always quitting."

Current Employee - Business Immigration Consultant says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time Cons: pay, growth, upper management is catty and cliquey, feels corporate without any perks"

Current Employee - Associate says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time Cons: Too much work and not enough time"

Current Employee - N/A says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time Cons: This firm violates Covid guidelines. They forced an entire office of 80+ employees to come onsite during Covid for “an urgent project,” and this only covers one branch of many. People have collapsed from exhaustion working onsite. They do not care if you get sick, or lose a loved one due to illness. They will treat you like a replaceable machine part, and make you feel worthless no matter how hard you work. There is a high turnover rate here, so you will always be cleaning up after someone else. Management is simply a group of overworked and poorly behaved attorneys who do not know how to manage their stress. You can ask for help, but it will never come. They set you up for failure and then blame you for underperforming. The also do not pay a livable salary for the amount of work that is expected to be completed."

Current Employee - Team Support Specialist says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time for more than a year Cons: - basically treated as a factory worker - management is horrible - there is no trust and they will not try to understand where you stand -constantly micromanaged"

Current Employee - I-9 Compliance says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time for more than a year Cons: No flexibility, no career progress, poor management"

Former Employee - Team Support Specialist says

"I worked at Fragomen full-time Cons: Fail fail fail fail fail"

Current Employee - Business Immigration Analyst says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time for more than a year Cons: Overworked - unreasoable amount of cases distributed/assigned to caseworkers, unreasonable expectations for deadlines, no work/life balance, grievances are not taken seriously by management/HR and just pushed to the side, disorganized management, management does not provide guidance with questions."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Fragomen full-time Cons: overworked no work/life balance tense and lack of instruction and guidance"

Current Employee - Business Immigration Analyst says

"I have been working at Fragomen full-time for less than a year Cons: I'm started working remotely and found out I have to use my own laptop, wifi, cell phone for all work-related duties, they only send you a mouse and keyboard if you request it and you have to purchase the auxiliary products if you request a monitor. Pay is extremely low for a company based in San Francisco, it's impossible to live in SF with the annual salary. My team is understaffed and I am overworked and overwhelmed most of the time. They make you use PTO if you need to take an extra half hour to see a doctor. Partner will call you on weekends to ask you to come into the office despite the current work from home situation. Very limited areas to grow (a lot of BIAs stay as a BIA even after working for a couple of years, look up LinkedIn). Benefits need improvements (no 401k match until you hit 2 years, can't sign up for 401k until you at least complete 30 days of employment)."

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